CPM: Math is Hard

Copying the right part of the CPM lesson page is difficult, so I wrote a Chrome Extension to do it for you. It’s not published through the Chrome Web Store, so you have to install it in developer mode. DON’T PANIC, it’s easier than it sounds:

  1. grab this zip file from my google drive
  2. unzip it somewhere on your computer
  3. in chrome, go to chrome:://extensions
  4. turn on ‘developer mode’ (upper right corner)
  5. click ‘load unpacked’ and select the ‘copy_math’ folder

That’s the setup. There should now be an icon like this  to the right of your address bar in chrome. Now do the thing:

  1. navigate to the CPM page and click that  icon to copy the lesson
  2. go to https://grandpaslab.com/cpm-edit and paste into the editor