Masco CM20

So I go to the lumber yard today to pick up a used 2×6 from the Away Station.  Carrie, who runs the place, is writing up my tag for the wood and asks if there’s anything else I’m looking for.  I tell her I’m always looking for old tube gear and she has me write down my number, says she’ll put me on the “want” list.  I walk away assuming nothing will come of it–most likely the scrap of paper with my number on it will wind up blown into a corner of the shed.

Half an hour later Carrie’s on my answering machine.  Some dude on his way to the dump.  Tube thingy.  I ran right down there.

So here’s the latest in my growing hoard of future projects.  It’s a Masco monoblock amplifier, model CM20. Push pull 6L6G output section, couple of 6SJ7 driver tubes, MASSIVE power transformer, choke and output transformer.  2 5U4GB rectifiers.  Came with all but one tube and a lot of dust, which I take as a good sign.  It’s likely this thing spent the last 30 years in someone’s garage/basement, and with a tube missing it seems unlikely anyone would have tried to power it up recently.

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