Aviatrix 1.1

I added a parallel 12AY7 input stage.  More gain! Demo track is a bit random, but basically starts at max gain and goes toward mellower territory.  Please disregard any mic-bumping noises.  I was playing while knob-twiddling in a very tight space. [soundcloud width=”600″]https://soundcloud.com/john-hannon-1/aviatrix[/soundcloud] [slickr-flickr search=”sets” set=”72157632597646016″]

Pelvis Amp: parts!

Parts have begun to arrive for the Pelvis amp project!  This will be my second Hi-Fi build, and will be somewhat less paint-by-numbers than the last (Pete Millett’s “Engineer’s Amplifier“).  First part to arrive:  Simple SE PCB from Tubelab.com.  So yeah, the power amp will be very paint-by-numbers.  This will be an integrated amp, though, and the line stage will be my own strange creation, wired point-to-point.  Of course, pretty much all of the design/engineering ideas will be appropriated, but I’ll find a way to put my own spin on it–odd tube choices, tone stack tweaks, who knows?  The mind boggles at the possibilities!  

FAA 5654 tube

The Aviatrix

Full-sized pictures (incl. schematic) HERE. Here’s my most recent amp project.  It started life as a Wards Airline radio, the cabinet for which now houses the stereo in my living room.  The radio didn’t work when I got it, but it made a humming/hissing sound when powered up, so I knew the transformers were working.  It sat for a  long time in that state while I was busy with other stuff.  Finally about a month ago set my previous prototype free and I decided it was time to turn the Airline into a guitar amp. This is almost entirely a junkbox amp.  I did have to stock up on terminal strips,… Read More »The Aviatrix


After years of cursing them for being large and in the way, I have finally wall-mounted my JBL 4311 monitors.  Mr. Exell turned me on to monoprice.com.  The mounts (intended for flatscreens) were only $20 each!  These speakers have been on a shelf right next to each other (and right next to my head) ever since I got them working—nothing like both channels going into one ear!  Now I have something like actual stereophonic sound. So now it’s 1974 up in here.  4311’s were the most popular studio monitor in the seventies.  David Bowie used them.  Pete Townshend.   Frank Zappa.  It doesn’t get much beter than this:   My… Read More »Monitors!

The Green Manalishi

The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown) is a song by Peter Green, mostly made famous by Judas Priest—it appeared on the live album Unleashed in the East and it was often in their setlist. I built this amp for P.W. Powers’s 40th birthday.  For a long time it didn’t have a name, but today I’ve decided it’s called the Green Manalishi.  Maybe I’ll name all my amps after songs!  Wait, I’ve already blown that—Brown’s amp is called the Neutron Star, for the insane density of parts it developed despite being only a 4-tube amp. Anyway, the Manalishi was built with a green theme to it–green magic eye tube, green grill… Read More »The Green Manalishi

BlueGreen Olga

Here’s where I start blogging backward through time.  Or not.  I have a huge backlog of project/photos/etc. to cover, but I’m gonna start with right now. This is an amp I put together for Elijah, who I know from work.  I don’t know him well, but he’s a nice guy and a talented musician.  When presented with the odd little cab he brought in, I couldn’t not make a little amp out of it. Electronix-wise, it’s just a Ruby amp, with the “bassman” mod so there’s only one knob (same as was there originally–on the back with the inputs…didn’t get a pic of that).  It sounds pretty good.  Not much… Read More »BlueGreen Olga

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